Client-focused Therapeutic Massage

Focused Fascial Stretching

FFS is a technique I have been developing since graduating from massage therapy school (KineConcepts in Ottawa) in 2005. It is an amalgamation of numerous techniques that I have acquired throughout my career as a therapist. 

The main influences were from myofascial release, trigger-point therapy and visceral manipulation. I have adapted these into my style of massage therapy and it has created an effective treatment modality.

I work with the fascial system and the stretch receptors in the body.  By applying specific, focused tension along fascial restriction(s) in the body, the tension begins to release. When fascial restrictions release, muscles are able to move properly, nerves that were stuck are free again, ligaments release allowing better movement between bones.

Fascia is a continuous system in our body that connects everything together and I aim to release that tension so that you can move freely again!

Covid and massage

Health care professionals and their clients are still required to wear masks.
Please sanitize your hands and wear a mask before entering, they are located right outside my door.